Products which have been bought by Comtrading have different
warranty period, between 6 and 12 months.


Goods for complaints are exchanged for a new one - efficient, the correction is made only when there is no stock.

Please check detailed description for warranty for various products.

12 months:
- Tablets / GPS
- memory cards
- drone and electronic toys

6 months:
- original accessories
- Bluetooth Headsets
- Power banks
- Pouches and Cases
- LCDs and spare parts
- chargers
- other accessories

How it works?

Complaint applies only to defective products.

If the goods went defective by transport is no complaint. Please check all your order by UPS, when they deliver your order

Complaint Form - Download:

- PDF file here

- DOC file  here

1. Please send us first email with your information about RMA goods, which you want to send us, with: productname, quantity, kind of defect, invoice number from what come it from
2. please put the list to the package
3. Please send your RMA products on following adress:

Obrońców Modlina 9
30-733 Kraków

4. The customer pays shipping costs of the complaint, if it was not pronounced differently.
All packages which were sent to us as cash on delivery shippings won't be accept.
5. Products, which were not bought from Comtrading will be sent back to the customer with the next order. If customer don't make order until 3 months, goods could be discarded.